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MVON MultiValue database from ONgroup includes compatibility for Universe, UniData, D3, PI/Open, and Power95, with TCL, Data/BASIC, the MultiValue query language (queryON), and the usual fare of feature familiar to MultiValue developers.

Important features

  • While data can be persisted directly in MVON, like jBASE and UniData this engine can serve as middleware so that Oracle and SQL Server are the most popular data storage DBMS tools for persisting the data
  • ONware products such as ONsync can be used with UniData and Universe -- there is no need to switch your MultiValue database to make use of some ONware tools
  • MVON can be used to move data to an open source database with the introduction of connectivity to PostgreSQL
  • additional database adapters will be developed as requested. For example, when there is a case to be made for data storage in MongoDB or other NoSQL DBMS's, these will be written
  • Blacksmith tools are part of the ONware catalog