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Reposted from the original message on getting UniOleDB working:


We installed Unidata 6.0 on the Unix server and the Middleware client on WindowsXP. On the list of drivers in Windows under Adminstrative Tools/Data Source, I only see the IBM Unidata ODBC driver but not the UniOledb Driver. I made sure UniOleDB was clicked when I installed UniDK, however it does not want to show up. I did setup the uci.config file correctly. Please could you tell me how I could check whether UniOledb is setup and working and what is the quickest way to do it.


The OleDB drivers are a little different. Do two things to test them:

1. Create a file on my desktop called myconnection.udl. When you open this file it is a data link properties item. Change the driver to UniData on the providers tab. Enter the settings in the connection tab. The Data Source is looking for the data source name you created with the uci config (like localud). Careful, it's case-sensitive. The location is either a database you have defined in ud_database or the full path the account (eg. c:\unidata\demo). I check Use a specific user name and password and allow saving password and make sure blank password is unchecked. Then I enter a valid user name and password and then click the test connection button. It should say OK. You may want to delete this file when you are done as it is actually a plain text file with the user and password in clear text.

Once 1 is successful use:

2. From (deadlink) download the Query Tool (using ADO). You then connect with it (much like the .udl file). It will let you browse the tables/views setup with VSG as well as directly enter SQL statements. There is also a query tool for ODBC that you can use to test your ODBC setup.

The biggest "gottcha" is that many things are case-sensitive that you may not expect. Treating everything as case-sensitive seems to really help prevent problems.