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No warranty either express or implied, blah blah, on the source code here. By posting code you are implicitly giving others permission to modify the code.

A very good basic manual of PICK/BASIC can be found at: Jonathan E. Sisk's "Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide": January, 2000 WWW Edition

General Notes

  • General format HintsAndTips
  • Put <PRE></PRE> around code sections to turn off wiki formatting for that section
  • Watch out for trailing "\" at the end of a line - even within a <PRE></PRE> block it appears to smush lines together


  • BasicSource for Pick basic programs
  • UniQuerySource for UniQuery tips and tricks
  • ProcSource, hopefully this is largely for historical interest now!
  • ExternalSource for C programs (or other languages) that interface with an MV database, or may be interesting to a pick programmer.
  • JavaSource for Java and JSP source code that interacts with a MV database
  • PerlSource for Perl source code (or links to same) that interacts with a MV database
  • XmlSource for programs in any language that use XML to communicate with a MV database
  • AspSource for programs that use ASP to communicate with a MV database
  • EmacsLisp source that interacts with MV database (see also Basic Source programs EM and UV.EM)

Links to other sites with source code